Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's A Christmas Miracle!!!!....

So, my kids and I have this little thing that we do.  If something un-expected happens one of us or a few of us at the same time will say, "It's a Christmas Miracle!"  I can't really remember how that started, but it has been our little thing for a year or two now.

Tonight I got my own little "Christmas Miracle".  I went to Wal-Mart, because I wanted a little bag to keep my embroidery in, so that when I am waiting for Dr. appointments I can have something to do.  I was looking at one really cute bag, but it was $12 and I am super cheap, so that was a bit too rich for my blood, plus it didn't really have enough zippers, so I was looking around trying to find something else that I might like for less money that would work better.  Low and behold I saw it, the perfect bag!  It had lots of pockets, zippers, a place for everything. It could replace my purse, hold my embroidery stuff, and had enough room for Klayton's diaper needs.  Can I say again, that it is the PERFECT bag.  Best part of all, it was on clearance from $20 down to $9.  The cheapskate in me was completely willing to spend 9 bucks on it, so up to the register I went. 

When the clerk rang it up she looked at me and said, "That will be $5.41 please."  What, it was almost 1/2 off the sale price!  I said, "Merry Christmas to me! I love when that happens."  It was my own little Christmas Miracle!  And with the money I saved I went and bought myself a large iced hazelnut coffee from McD's.  Yeah, tonight was pretty much awesome.  Gotta love nights like that!

You didn't think I would blog about the perfect bag without at least showing you what it looked like did you?  So here it is, my perfect $5.41 bag that is exactly what I wanted! 

 The inside of the bag.  With all of my things neatly stored.  Have I mentioned that I love this bag?!
 The outside of the bag.  It is a very cute brown and pink.  Let me say again, $5.41 of pure awesomeness!

I will spare you a video of me doing my finger pointing, white girl, happy "woo hooin" dance.  =)


  1. Awesome!! I love a great find...I went to the NEX to get a clutch for the Khaki Ball and it was on clearance from 35 down to 9 get to the reg. 2.75 Hot dog..:)Of course I would not have paid 35 for a purse that would only fit my cell phone in...but I would 2.75 :)

  2. It's super cute sis. Love the brown and pink.


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