Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am goin' crazy...ya wanna come along?

  So, here I am starting a blog...crazy, right?  Completely!  I pretty much plan for this to be my outlet.  An extension of me, if you will.    If you read it you may just find out more about me and my life than you ever really wanted to know.  I am  an all over the place kind of a gal, so some days you might laugh at my words, other days you might cry, shoot some days I might even get your dander up and make you want to take your shoe off and throw it at me, but  more likely than not most days you will just end up shaking your head and wondering if I have completely lost my mind altogether.  Whichever the case may be you are welcome to pull up a computer chair and come on this journey with me.  How does that saying go? "Crazy likes company"  or maybe it is misery...either way a hearty "Hi There" and "Hello!" to you, my readers.