Bruised Little Builder

Bruised Little Builder

You try and be so strong.  Holding up those castle walls all on your own.
Afraid to put your guard down. Afraid to let anyone else inside.
All those years of hurts. Brick upon brick of hurt. Mortared with your tears.

You would wish as you were building. Hoping someone would stop the hurts.
Stop you from building the walls that were to become your prison and your home.
Rescue you from the pain.

No one came. No one saw the bruised and hurting little builder.
You began to think you deserved the hurts, these bricks that you had been given.
You began to think that no one came because you weren't worth the coming.

So now you stand in your castle walls. All grown up.
The little builder has become the lonely knight.
Protecting a castle that you are afraid to let anyone enter.

Now people only see the metal clad warrior.
Strong and ready to fight.
Even you want to forget about the little builder who still hides beneath the armor.

You thought you had been successful.
You thought you were safe beneath your armor and behind your walls.
You thought I couldn't see the tear stains in your mortar.

I can see that bruised and hurting little builder.
I know the calluses your hands bear from placing brick on top of brick.
I can see you clearly from the windows of my tower.

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