Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unbalanced Load

As I was standing in front of my washing machine tonight watching the bright green UL light flash at me

....I had....

...wait for it...



 I was washing a bleach load of towels and had thrown a pillow in with them. 
 Somehow even though I had placed the pillow on top of everything else, it had been shoved to one side of the washer while all the heavy water soaked towels ended up on the other side sending my washer into a tizzy during the spin cycle. 
It was as I was re-arranging all those heavy towels that it struck me:

 "My life is an un-balanced load. And furthermore, I am this pillow." 

 I am constantly trying to keep myself on top of everything; the house, the bills, the kids. the pets. the meals, the cars...etc. 
Yet, somehow I end up spinning around and around with it. Always feeling out of kilter and unable to get the job done.  


 So, um, hey God, I think I am ready for you to reach your hand into the washing machine of my life and re-adjust the heavy towels and get me back on top of things again.


Oh and by the way would you mind fluffing me up a bit when you do?
I am feeling a bit lumpy.