Friday, February 3, 2012

We Can Do Hard Things

I have been reading the Momastery Blog lately. If you haven't read it or heard of it I suggest you look into it. One of the phrases that you will read over and over again is, "We can do hard things." I even bought a sweatshirt of theirs that says that on the back.

We Can Do Hard Things!

My mind thinks about this off and on quite regularly. Hard things. What are hard things? Some days just willing myself to get out of bed is a hard thing. If I could I would spend every moment curled up in my bed hidden beneath the blankets. Making sure that the kids get out the door to the bus, hopefully dressed appropriately, possibly groomed (that has been hit and miss),wearing matching shoes, and with their coat on is definitely a hard thing. Hard things vary day by day, moment by moment. My hard things lately used to be my easy things. Easy has become my new hard. This thing of continuing to breathe is hard. Figuring out the why of it all is hard. Talking is hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. But I am trying and for now that is what I can do and it is my hard. I can do hard things.