Friday, December 10, 2010

Describing me

*if you listen to the audio you get a bit of a bonus*

I am sitting here pondering all the "stuff" that is going on. (I am in a fairly good mental space right now, so I can ponder freely without crumpling into a ball on the floor.) I am thinking about my sister's description of me and today's counseling session and last nights running. All this thinking made me wonder about a few things.

1. How would I describe myself? and does that description change based on my thinking?

*My description most definitely would depend on my thinking. When I am in a good and objective space I would describe myself much nicer than I would when I was in a not so objective of a space.

*I am not a perfect Mom, but I try to raise my kids to be strong, helpful, well adjusted little people. I do the best with what I have got. Some days I have more than other days.

* I am a pretty good wife. I try and protect my marriage with my actions and my choices. When I make mistakes I admit to them and apologize. I keep the house running.

*I can be a great friend. I won't ever call you, or rarely, because I'm not much of a phone person, but outside of that I am a good friend. If you need me I am there. 3 am or 3 pm. I will figure out a way to help.

*I am willing to listen to people. I don't always like everyone but I try to be nice to everyone.

*I will protect the weak if I can. I root for the underdog. I am not afraid to confront bullies if they are bullying someone else. Sometimes I can confront my own bullies. More now than when I was young.

*I am not a good talker if I am not comfortable with you. If I feel safe and am comfortable, the words come out much easier, but there are still some words that never come easily or at all, no matter who I am with.

*I find deeper meaning in the mundane. I see things that others often miss, or never think to look at. I have a different way of looking at the world than most people do.

*I often have a running story going in my mind. I tend to write about life in my head as I am living it. Finding the words I would use to describe something, or noticing what I am doing. I am usually quite observant and take everything in.

*I am much too self critical and tend to be obsessive in my thinking.

*When I am in a good space I feel at peace with my looks. Not a raving beauty, or a beauty, but not a beast to be hidden away either.

*I enjoy being creative. Cooking, baking, scrapbooking, drawing. I am not the best at any of those things, but I enjoy doing them. Just for my own pleasure.

*I like to sing in the shower.

*It is hard for me to be taken care of. I like to be the one to take care of others.

*I am quite complex in many many ways.

*I enjoy small and simple things more than extravagent and big things.

*I don't like jewlery. I would prefer getting a new vaccuum cleaner or appliance to any type of jewlery.

*I want to get at the truth of things, even if that truth is hard, hurtful, or makes me wrong.

2. I am curious how you, as the reader of my blogs, would describe me.  So, if you are reading this and you are willing, I am curious how you would describe me based on what you know of me. You can always keep the comment annonymous.  I would like your honest observations.


  1. I would describe you most differently than you view yourself.
    You are an awesome mom. God knows how much our patience-level is. I don't have the patience to take on 7 children of my own. They would find me in a padded room in a pretty white coat!
    You are a wonderful wife. I have been to your home several times, and it's always under control. That is a valued quality with a military husband. He knows when he's away, you are able to cope. I see him look at you, and can see that he knows he's got the best wife for him.
    You are a beautiful person, inside & out. You glow with a friendly, & Godly personality that welcomes all your friends to you. I've known you since before/around Kody, & I've enjoyed watching the wonderful beauty come out of you in your growth as a wonderful wife, mom, & friend.
    Never underestimate the woman God has designed you to be. You are so much more than you give yourself credit for. I don't let a lot of people get near me, and I can honestly say you are in that inner circle.
    Love ya!
    Michele Simdars

  2. Generous, kind, patient, gorgeous (look at those cheekbones -- I mean, come on), strong, stubborn ;)

  3. This isn't a fair question to answer for someone who knew you "way back in college," AND who has a horrible memory! ;)

    What i do know is that you are made in the image of a perfect Creator, and that makes perfect in His eyes!


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