Sunday, October 10, 2010

lunatic confessions of a sock enthusiast

*today I needed some light-heartedness.  My soul needed a giggle*

You know how some women love to buy shoes?  Well, umm, yeah, I am not one of them.  I like shoes.  I think they are cute, on other people.  Most of the cute shoes never fit my feet, or if they do the sheer size and width of them no longer make them cute.  They look all distorted and clown like.  There is a reason you never hear people say, "OhMahGosh!, those are so  HUGE, they are adorable!"  Adorable is meant for small and petite things, things like kittens, and babies, and women who wear shoes that are smaller than a men's size 10.  This lack of kitten and baby like adorable feet makes me more of a flip flop and slippers kind of gal.  I have my everyday flip flops and my fancy flip flops that are reserved for church and weddings.  In the winter it is my costco slippers in slimming black with a very functional rubber sole. I don't dress up in winter, slippers are not for dresses, even if they are faux fur lined.

It is for this reason that I have taken to liking socks.  I admit I almost always stop to look at the funky socks when I go to a store.  I have sunglasses socks, frog socks, and funky flower socks.  They are cool and I like them.  I enjoy choosing which socks I will use to accessorize my hastily thrown on "this doesn't look too wrinkled" ensemble. Of course none of my socks come slightly close to matching said ensembles in any way.  I just take pleasure in them.  Socks are happy makers.  They make me happy.  And happy is always good.

Now, here is where the lunatic part comes in.  I can barely stand to wear socks.  I love them.  On the shelf, in my drawer,  and on my feet for about 3 hours.  After that they start to lose their grip on my foot and begin to twist and turn.  Twisty turned socks are no longer fun and funky happy makers.  They are annoying. 

Yet, time and time again I find that I am right back at the sock isle, drooling over the cutest new designs wondering if I dare branch out and buy some toe socks.


  1. I never knew this about you, but I should have...from your sock pile! LOL Gosh I love you! AND I love your blog! I like funky socks too. I don't think I even own a pair of plain white ones. So funny about the flip flops and slippers.

    Good to "see" you smiling today. xoxo

  2. so fun! i'm really glad you stopped by my place today so i could find yours... i've never really been into shoes... more into socks, but i prefer bare toes... :)


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