Friday, October 29, 2010

The Laundry Couch

So, we have this couch in our living room.  Well, we have 2 of them actually.  They are the kind that you can "L" together or have separated.  Currently ours are separated.  Anyway all that to say that one of the couches has become the laundry couch.  It is it's name.

 When it is clear of clothes, which is rare, it is the favorite sitting place, because it also happens to be the more comfortable couch of the two.  I have overheard my husband telling the children to not get to used to sitting there, because they know it will be full of clothes soon.  Sadly, we all know that he is right, so I can't even feign annoyance at him for saying it.

Today the laundry couch is over flowing with clothes that need to be folded.  Yesterday I referred to the pile as Mt. Everest, now I think it has to be much closer to Mt. Vesuvius because it has exploded everywhere. 

Why am I telling you about this mountainess mound of laundry?  Because I am avoiding folding it.  That and by writing about my laundry it is kind of like "working" on my laundry, which means that I can tell myself that I have done something with my laundry today.  Right? Right?!  What, you mean it doesn't count?  Darn.

The dryer just beeped at me, so I guess it really is time for me to get off my hiney and get my fold on.

Seriously though, look at this picture, can you blame me for procrastinating?!


  1. Where's my blog on your list? I feel so unloved. JK. check your earthlink e-mail for my invite.

  2. your blog is private so people couldnt read it anyways! LOL I will check

  3. Children wear those clothes .... let children help sort it! Maybe choose one a week ... and that child gets a special reward each week ... like an ice cream or bag of candy or an extra allowance or a tip or something? Get some help, girlfriend. Those aren't JUST your jeans and panties! LOL


  4. Karen, this was from three years ago and since moving we have downsized from a "laundry couch" to a "laundry chair" Plus I am too anal for them to fold them. I like them a certain way. I can be a bit OCD. I have started to make them put their own piles of laundry away though with the exception of the littles.


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