Monday, May 12, 2014

What happens when you reset Mother's Day

This is what happens when you reset Mother's Day....

You go to church.

A waterfall greets us as we enter the park
No one cares that you are twenty minutes late and all 9 of you parade down the packed church to your front row in hopes that it is still open.  You can't see if it is open or not because everyone is standing and singing, but when you walk up there you see that the whole row has been left for you and your family.  (I don't think there was another open row in all the church, so I am thinking God had hung a spiritual reserved sign on it, just for us.)

The pastor preaches a message that is EXACTLY what you needed to hear.  That spoke directly into what you have been thinking and feeling for the last month plus.  You label your notes with the heading of "CONFIRMATION".

The view on the way up to tower.
You speak with a friend after church that you have been wanting to connect with and she tells you something she sees happening in your future and to be prepared for it and it completely confirms more of what you feel God has been preparing you for.  A thing you haven't spoken to anyone about.

You marvel at God's goodness and His blessings and you are so thankful that you didn't run away and that you didn't skip church and that you were given a reset button to push.

You get in the car with your waiting family and you apologize for throwing a Mommy temper tantrum in the morning and let them know you could have handled yourself better.

You then go on that picnic you were planning with your family, but you forego the PB&J sandwiches and opt for fast food instead, because it is Mother's Day after all, let someone else do the making.

You can see the tower up on the hill.
You go and you have an amazing day with your family and the neighbor boy down the street who gets to come along too.

Your neighbor boy brings his football and you get to play catch with him and remember how much you LOVE to throw a football.  You will even start to get your spiral back.

*mental note, buy self a football on payday.  Force neighbor children to play catch with you.*

You come home and everyone has had a good day and is happy and you get to go on a walk all by yourself to think over your day and how grateful you are that you didn't let the anger win and at how good God is for blessing you beyond what you deserve.

A description of the tower's dedication.

You enjoy your children, your husband, and your life.  You realize that the freak out is only temporary.  You don't live in the freak out, you live in the reset, and life is good.  God is good.  And your mothering, well it is pretty good, too.
The view from the tower.

Here is the tower.
more tower views.
My little hambone, Klayton

this is at the bottom part of the park.

group shot

group shot take two

happy girl
"Take a picture"
A beautiful tree from my walk.


  1. I'm so glad. :) God is good - all the time.

  2. So thankful for resets!! What a beautiful day and a beautiful view! Thankful for your seats in church, the message, your confirmations and the football idea! Love it when He overwhelms us with His goodness and love for us! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Thank you Michelle. His love really is overwhelming.


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