Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shall the charitable, steadfast daughter be excused?

I am sick.  I have been sick since Friday.  My daughter stayed home from school on Monday to care for me and her siblings, so that I could stay in bed.  The following is the note that I wrote to hopefully excuse her absence from school. She will take it in tomorrow. 

In case it was hard to read here is the text typed out:

28th day of January, 2014

It was the year of our Lord, two thousand and fourteen in the month of cold and gloom also known as January, when our home was plagued by a sickness of the most heinous kind.  A sickness that made my mother's throat sound as if the hounds of hell themselves were barking betwixt her dry parched lips.  This sickness laid her weary and worn upon her bed sheets.  I, the steadfast daughter, stayed home on the day of the 27th in order to care for my sick stricken mother with nary a thought to my own health.  It is in this charitous * state of being that I regrettably had to miss a day at this most notable of educational institutions.  If it so pleases the institution I humbly request that my absence be excused. 

Katherine Madan
the charitable steadfast daughter

Along with my mother (and note writer),
Karmen Madan
the mother who suffers the plague like coughing sickness

*Yes, I know that charitous is not a word, but it sounds good and really it should be a word. 

Soon to be published, "Karmen's dictionary of made of words that sound good and really should be words."

okay, so not really soon to be published, but again it should be.  =)


  1. Karmen,

    That is hilarious! I read it with an English accent which really worked to "pass off" those made up words. Ha! What was the school's reaction?

    Hope you feel better soon! We are on day 2 off from school due to sub-human temperatures. Stay warm!

  2. I do not know yet. I will have to ask the steadfast daughter upon her arrival home.
    Thank you for the well wishes. I hope I feel better soon, too. I have a retreat with my church this weekend. My roommate will most likely prefer that I am better as well.


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