Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

I wrote this today in response to my friend's blog post in her comments section.  It just spilled out of me.  I share it with you, because as much as it was for her it is also for you.  The you who wonders why you bother to write.  The you who is knee deep in mess and hurt or maybe even so deep in it that you feel as though you are drowning and the mess and the hurt is gurgling up inside of your throat.  The you whose life is going well and good and you share from that space of joy and happiness.  The you who isn't sure that what you write really means all that much.  It is for all of you, because all of you have a story.  All of us have a story.  Sharing your story makes my life better.

In response to Why Words Matter 

I have been pondering the why a lot as well. My why is because the words need spilling. I fill and I fill and they need a place to empty out to. It is also to know I am not alone and to let others know the same. It is one thing to tell the story of from here to there tied up neatly in a bow, but it is quite another to tell the story of the getting to the there; the being in the midst of it deep and never fully knowing if there is even a place, but hoping that it is and that you will find it.

It is a deep bravery I think to tell this story, because it is now and in the moment. It is an opening of all that is raw and holy and messy and sinful and pouring it out like an offering upon an alter. Your writing is a place where other cave dwellers can meet for community around the bon fire of your words and find acceptance and grace and to say "Yes, somewhere, someday we will come to the mouth of the cave and find the light shining beautiful into our blinking eyes."

It is a place where those outside the cave can say "We are out here and we will wait for you, it exists, this there is real and when you make it we will rejoice along with you for the journey."

Oh friend how I love you and your words and your blinking in the light of there and for the days of caves and darkness and for being a bon fire for others like me to warm ourselves around.

You are cherished friend.

Keep sharing your words fellow bloggers.  Keep being a warm fire for others of us to warm ourselves with.  If you are in a cave of depression, shame, loneliness, anger, hurt, or any other hard thing, keep sharing.  If you are outside the cave taking in the wonders of light keep on sharing.  All of your words, all of your stories, they encourage me. 



  1. This is perfect, Karmen, for what you wrote on my blog today was the most beautiful, genuine and profound encouragement. Not only for me, but for any who are wondering why...

    I don't know if you feel this about yourself or not, but girl, you are an encourager. I can't tell you how many times your showing up to my blog, your words on facebook or in a message to me sharing your heart, have encouraged my soul. Your story inspires and who you are is light shining through the cracks. I love you, friend.

  2. Thank you Amber. I love you too! I am glad you didn't mind me sharing it with the world (or the 20 something people who actually read my blog LOL.

  3. This is truly beautiful! I'm so thankful I stopped by from the FMF!

  4. Hi, Karmen,

    This is deep and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Lisa-Jo's "words on words" offered me encouragement today, too. Your lovely piece continues the encouraging cycle...

    God bless you!

    Your Five Minute Friday neighbor,

  5. Wow! So beautiful and awesome that you shared.

  6. Thank you all, you are all an encouragement to me.

  7. Karmen,

    Beautiful, and so true! I loved reading this!


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