Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday "Home"


Home, that all elusive place I hope to someday get to.  The place that my soul cries out for when all goes dark and I am left in sea of swirling darkness.  Home.  I want to go home.  And I am trying so hard to find the path there.  To journey to a place of healing where I know I am safe and loved and protected.  That is my internal search for home.

Home.  A physical place that I am in limbo on.  I sold mine/ours.  Living in the in-between.  Waiting to move not knowing what home will look like on the other side.  Much like my current internal home status.

Waiting.  Searching. Longing.  Home.  Please God, LET ME FIND HOME!  I need it.  I was not made for living this homeless life.  I need to know that there is more.  That there is peace and comfort and safety.  Security.  Love that doesn't leave.  I need to know I can stop the hiding.  I need a place where I am at peace with my self, my family, my world, and with You. 

I need a place to call my own.  I am tired of wandering this desert of searching.  My feet are aching for my Promised Land, MY own home.
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  1. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday. I am sorry you are going through this rough patch! My heart goes out to you there. May abundant blessing come your way, and may God overwhelm you with the love and security you are feeling a lack of right now. My best wishes to you and hang in there. Stopping by from FMF!

  2. Visiting from the Five Minute Friday. I can nearly feel the ache in your heart. There are days when I long for my eternal home. But He says, "not yet, just wait a little while longer." Praying you find peace in your earthly dwelling until He calls you home.

  3. Hi! stopping by from FMF as we are neighbors.. thank you for sharing your thoughts - very big thoughts as I can relate ...


  4. The in-between is a hard place, and I know it well. Hoping you feel His peace today.


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