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Myers/Briggs Personality Test

My sister wanted me to take a Myers/Briggs personality test that they use at her work.  When I was in college I took one and all of my scores, ALL of them, were 49/51 or 51/49 for each of the four sections.  I was evenly split right down the middle.  She guessed that now I am older my scores would have changed.  She was right.  I was pretty equally split on some of them, but others were very high one way or another.

Have any of you taken the Myers/Briggs test?  If so what are your traits?  I am curious.  I looked up the definition of my type and well, it was pretty much SPOT on. 

There is no shock to me that my personality results make up only 6-8% of America's population LOL

Here is what my test results showed:
For the test she sent me my scores were as follows
E / I            S / N              T / F               J / P
6/4              7/13                9/11               3/17
E stands for Extravert
I for Intravert
S for Sensing
N for Intuition
T for Thinking
F for Feeling
J for Judging
P for Perception
ENFP Definition of Personality Equals “Emotion + Possibilities”

The definition of personality for the ENFP includes the qualities of newness, vision, feeling, harmony, possibilities.

You may have come here from the MBTI “words to describe personality” page and you know or suspicion that your personality type is Extraverted with Intuition, Feeling and Perception, because you have taken the Myers-Briggs personality assessment test. Or you may be here because someone you care about is this type. That being the case you can discover many qualities, traits or characteristics describing this personality type on this page.


I’m going to present ENFP qualities in a list format because I have found reading a paragraph when you are digging for some important, quick information, can be difficult, well it can be irritating! So let us take a look at a list of personality traits for ENFPs. This type:

•Must have newness, something different in their life

•Possesses a deep concern for others

•Is typically running off in new directions without much fact

•Is usually a natural brain-stormer looking to the future with positive expectation

•Is very creative, active and imaginative

•Enjoys beginning new things more than finishing

•Is typically spontaneous, flexible, and adaptable

•Will be concerned with personal growth, identity, and being authentic

•Need autonomy to be free in expression and believe others should also

•Is typically attracted to the abstract and symbolic, will be at times highly challenged by detailed, present oriented reality

•Highly idealistic they believe in their visions for self and others

Now do you see yourself/someone else in the above basic list of personality traits??

What we really begin to see with personality type is emerging patterns of behaving and using our brains. The ENFP way is natural, instinctive, beautiful, created to be this way. Let us continue.

Mottos Are Fun

For the ENFP these mottos or things to put on their battle flag might be: “What Is Over The Horizon?”, “Anything Is Possible!!”, “Life Is Full Of Possibilities”, to name a few.

Let us make another list of personality traits, ENFPs:

•Are reasoning and making decisions with feeling and conceptual hunches

•Are very idealistic, emotional, romantic

•Will have difficulty (sometimes great difficulty) with those who cannot express emotion, feeling

•Are skilled at understanding what is important to others

•Need and naturally desire involvement with people

•Are getting great pleasure from meeting and talking with others

•Tend to be naturally casual and get irritated by too much rigidity and order

•Can have intense emotional responses to things

Now, my friend, the ENFP not only behaves in the above manner…THEY NATURALLY EXPECT EVERYONE ELSE TO DO THE SAME!!

So, what happens when they see that many others do not behave that way?? (only 6-8% of America’s population is this type) Answer: Different levels of stress, confusion, irritation, etc.; typically nothing this type can’t handle. So, this is a NATURAL reaction on the part of this type, they are not doing anything wrong.

More Stuff The ENFP:

◦In relationships, they are very supportive and express appreciation freely

◦In relationships, can become over concerned with harmony

◦In relationships, sometimes have difficulty confronting when necessary

◦In relationships, they can be extremely empathic

◦Are truly people, people

◦In relationships, they can be great upholders of tradition

◦In relationship they need feedback and affirmation

◦Values freedom and may balk at commitment

Under Stress The ENFP:

◦May have great difficulty saying “no”

◦May become rigidly non-conforming

◦May feel very trapped in confusion

◦Under extreme stress they may forget to eat, to sleep, have accidents

◦May withdraw with out of proportion expressions of analytical criticism

◦May have out of proportion compulsions focused on non-relevant details

If this type is you, wonderful, perhaps you now have a better understanding of yourself, and perhaps you can use that increased understanding in many positive ways.

If you see someone else as this type but not you, please pay attention to the differences between your personality and the ENFP. Try to see that your way and this way are natural and just fine! Look for the positive differences, the strengths this type brings to your type. Celebrate that because it cannot be changed and can add wonderful diversity and truth to your life!!

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