Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let it Snow...

The pellet stove decided to stop working today. 
Thankfully it did so before my husband had to leave for a school on Sunday and he was able to fix it. 
 We have 11 bags of pellets standing by and I am ready for snow! 
I am still a big kid at heart when it comes to snow. 
I LOVE it! 
 Currently we just have rain and drizzle. 
 I am okay with that,
 but after listening to Christmas songs this afternoon
I can't help but look out the window and hope to see little flakes of white falling down. 
They don't have to stick, just watching them is fun! 
 Is anyone else hoping to see snow or is it just me?

1 comment:

  1. I hope to see snow when my pantry is full and the clothes are all washed and put away...because I am constantly washing and dryng gloves and coats and socks when it's white outside! I have the advantage of looking out my window, through the drizzeling rain, and watching snow on the nearby mountains. I AM looking forward to snow this year, since we don't have outside obligations and can stay home without missing anything!
    Hot cocoa, cookies, scarves and snowmen! Bring it on!


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