Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I forget sometimes.......

how I hurt.
Hurts so deep that my skin is
bruised and tender.
I get stuck in the hurt.
I get stuck
I forget.
I forget the song that I used
to sing to myself.
The song I sang when hurts were being
shoved deep into my
like thorns.
The words tender and sweet.
Melody soft and simple.
Like a soothing ointment with promises of love.
 from He who wore thorns shaped like crown.
Who knows how deep they pierce.
Promises that His scarred hands would touch me
and cause my eyes to see.
And these words that I forgot
fly to me

Beautiful, Beautiful, Jesus is Beautiful
and Jesus makes beautiful things of
my life.
touching me,
 causing my eyes to see.
Yes, Jesus makes beautiful things of
my life.

linking up with Emily and her imperfect community today


  1. Thanks for reminding us that He is love even when we are desperately hurting and it's hard to see His goodness. I read an Oswald Chambers quote today that said,"Faith is the heroic effort of your life." Your declaration here, your song, is heroic.

  2. so thankful that in Spirit the words that we forget can "fly to me fresh." a great reminder.

  3. Yes, he does. He makes beautiful things of these earthbound lives. Sweet honesty, Karmen.

  4. Thank you for the reminder . . . I so often forget too.

    Beautifully written

  5. Beautiful words, beautiful sentiment. I do believe that sometimes we are allowed to hurt and live in that particular moment. Remembering will come at the right time.

  6. i appreciate you, do you know this? and i just read through your piece on depression... thank you, for being so achingly candid and open. God is honored in that. love to you. xo


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