Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#Tell His Story: There is a work here being written

I have a story to tell, a story that isn’t too far shy of being 40 years in the making.  I tell it in pieces and in parts; narrating bits of the past, working through the details of the present, and glimpsing hopes for the future.  All the words are part of my story, each paragraph and chapter working together to someday make it complete.

At church tonight tidbits of my story kept coming to me, quiet like, in fragmented phrases.  At one point I even saw myself on the stage, somewhere in the future, sharing all the parts to make a whole.  I saw myself telling my story, that which will be my testimony, and in the end I could see myself spin .  I pondered this vision, because the book is not yet written, chapters are missing and storylines have yet to be completed.  Nevertheless there it was in my mind’s eye, the first book of my own series, bound and completed standing on that stage.

The service was coming to an end as half of me stayed attentive and the other half processed the picture I had been given.  It was time to pray and to sing.  The musicians stood on stage playing.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw him coming and I knew he was coming for me. 

Have you ever met someone whose ear is so close to the lips of God that you can almost hear the echoes of His whispers as you look into their eyes?  Have you been in the presence of someone like that?  This man has that gift, the one that was coming, coming straight at me.  He placed his hand on the back of my neck and the other on my forehead, his lips close to my ear as he prayed over me words that only God could have whispered.  Then he spoke in tongues and although I had no idea what he was saying, my spirit must have because I felt it shift inside of me, loosing something from deep within.

There is a work here being written.  Its words are being etched out within, a story taking form and shape through days and moments.  One day when all the loose ends are all tied up and the missing chapters completed. that book, the first of many more to come, will stand on a stage and share the words within.



  1. Praying with you as the story is discovered and uncovered. Thank you for letting me glimpse inside.

  2. Hi Karmen! What an amazing God-moment for you. He does have plans for you, plans for good, and not for evil.

    Keep living that has purpose!

  3. Our stories are all still being written, but it's neat to be able to think through the chapters already lived, and pull them together. What a great vision you were given! Exciting stuff.

  4. Jennifer, I agree, that experience was Holy, is Holy, and becoming Holy all at once.

    Melanie, I am so glad that you are here walking beside me as I journey. I am thankful for your presence.

    Ceil, It was amazing, another in a lengthening line of amazing over the last few months. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Lisa, yes we are all living our stories, their are some story lines that weave together into a volume and become living books within us and if we write, or speak, the story is shared and the book is birthed. It is definitely exciting. I find there are days where I would be much more comfortable observing it than living it, but life is to be lived and not observed, or so I am learning.

  5. Still, amazed by your blog! Books!
    Books need to be published. You are an inspiration.


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