Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

It was a normal Sunday afternoon. 
My husband and I on our way to BJ's. 
That is when I saw her. 
She was running on the side of the road, just inches away from my passenger window. 
She was all sinew and bone with skin around it. 
Her running shorts and tank top revealing how little food she must consume. 
It was her face though, it was her face as she ran that still haunts me, more so than the food deprived frame. 
With each step forward her face contorted with pain. 
It was almost an agony. 
Yet she kept on running. 
She ran and I wonder what it is she was running from or hoping to run to. 
Five Minute Friday


  1. This post leaves me wanting more! I want to know where she was headed, too. Sometimes we never find out.

  2. Haunting, this sounds like the start of a great short story.

  3. It would make a good short story and it leaves me wanting more too. I wish I could have taken her picture and stopped and asked why it was she ran. My heart broke for this running woman, because it seemed so apparent that it was her heart that was starving and her soul that was running and I want to know why.


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