Thursday, September 26, 2013

I am from.......

I am from the land......
where the skies are the bluest blues when the mountain is "out".
where gray skies and raindrops feels like stepping into home.
where sharp white mountain peaks lay backdrop to green forests and abundant waters.
I am from the childhood home......
where Mom drives and Dad directs.
where it took 9 years for me to come and make my Sister, sister.
where LOUD is common, but laughter is too.
I am from the now home......
where my offspring are plentiful.
where marriage is being painted out on a canvas of forgiveness set on an easel of hard.
where messes are made and loud is heard but love is here as well.

I am from God.....
who promises beauty from ashes.
who loves me because I am, not because I do or do not.
who runs to embrace the one who ran away.
I am from......
deep hurts that bring deeper graces.
crumbling walls and rusting armor.
everything and nothing and all that lies between.
* I started this as a link up with another blog but after I wrote it I realized that I did not follow their format, so I am not linking up to it, but thought I would share it anyways since I already wrote it. And since I wrote it I will share it instead with Emily and her Imperfect Prose Community.



  1. Visiting from Imperfect Prose. Love this! I really do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Kirsten, I am really glad that you stopped by.


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