Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sweet and Sour

 It is a sweet and sour kind of night. 

A night where the sweet slips in briefly between the sour and  I capture it quick before it turns again.  A sweet moment of contentment while dining on fries and nuggets where such a pleasure is usually forbidden.  It is just he and I and we both are in need  of reprieve and a quilted blanket picnic tonight.
Oh this sweet and sour boy of mine.  How he fills me up and drains me dry. 
It is a constant push and pull.  The push for freedom and the pull to be sure I haven't let him go. 
He is all "YES!" to my "no" and "NO!" to my "yes". 

He struggles so hard for his words and the ones that come are rarely clear and often misunderstood.  It is always a fight for him to be heard and known when he doesn't communicate the same as those of us who are trying to listen.   We are both battle weary by the end of the day.   So I will savor this sweet to help temper the tang of the sour. 


  1. You ears may not get it all but I know your heart is listening. God bless the sweet and the sour. (Jumped over from em's place)

  2. oh karmen... he's so handsome... how hard it must be for both of you, to not be able to be understood/understand. i'm taking a moment to pray for you tonight, and him, that God might loosen his tongue and open your ears and ease the communication. bless you sister. e.


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