Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday (After)

After all is said and done I want to just be known.

I want to know that someone else heard me, saw me, felt me.

I want to know that somehow, somewhere what I did mattered.

I want to know that after all that has happened and all that has gone on there was a point to it.

I want a happily ever after.  But I also want a happily in the mean time as well.

I want to find my happy in the nows, the moments, the breaths that fall between the broken cries and the tired sighs.

I want every day to be an ever after.
Five Minute Friday


  1. Oh Karmen, I think that's the desire of so man of our hearts. I can so relate. Thank you for sharing with FMF.

  2. "I want a happily ever after. But I also want a happily in the mean time as well."
    Don't we all my friend.
    Just like love is an action.. happiness is a choice.
    Hope you find your happily here.


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