Monday, April 28, 2014

Cuz I am H A P P Y I am gonna shake like I've been changed

I know that this song has been played and replayed, but this one has lyrics that just make me happy.  I would love it if we started to sing this version at church.  I don't think a person can listen to this song without wanting to clap and dance.  Can you?  I sure can't.

I would love to somehow combine "Happy" with :Shake" for an epic happiness mash up.

Do yourself a favor and check out this one by the same duo as happy.


  1. Love this and guess what I am jamming to all day - on repeat??? YES!!! IT is on iTunes....Purified Me - Adam & Kid I'm Free! Thank you for sharing this...and I wanna dance and shake too!! How can we not move? Acts 17:28 Your energy and excitement is contagious you know!

  2. Yay! love that you are jamming and that the happiness is contagious! Sadly, I must admit that I do not understand itunes or ipods or any kind of musical type thing other than pandora. LOL I just don't have the patience to download music and figure out how to get it back up. It makes my husband shake his head at me! =)

  3. These videos are AWESOME! I have to admit, that I THINK I look like the people in the first video when I dance, when I REALLY look like the people in the second video. It’s my reality. I’d never heard Shake before! Can’t wait to download! My girls showed me how--the ONLY reason I can do it! :)

  4. I am not a dancer. This is a well known fact. If you have ever seen hitch the Kevin James character has better moves than me. :) someday I might figure it out. Until then I just buy the cd if I really love it.


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