Saturday, March 29, 2014

Communication is Key

I am breaking from my typical serious side of things for today and telling some funny-isms on my girls.  Enjoy.

When one of my children (who shall remain nameless) was very little she brought a McDonald's toy up to me and asked me to tell her what the words said.

I looked and told her, "Made in China".

Her eyes got as big as saucers and she asked incredulously, " IN CHINA?!!!!????!!!"

Me, "Yes, in China."

Her, "MOM, MOM?! In CHINA? Like in," she looked down and pointed, "my china?!!"  disgust and horror filled her face.

I laughed so hard and said, "No, honey, the country, the country of China."

And she was filled with relief.


Another daughter who shall again remain nameless saw a package of sausage links on the counter and said, " I don't like those."  When I asked her why she said rather matter of factly, "Because they look like testicles."

Me, looking at her with big eyes, "They look like what?"  my mind racing at one how she knew what that word was and how she thought they looked like that.

Seeing my look of "Say whaaaaa?" I could tell that she was wondering if she had said the wrong word.  She started explaining, "You know that thing in your stomach." She rubbed her belly as she said this.

With much relief I asked, "Do you mean your intestines?"

"YES!That is what I meant.  What does the word I said mean?"

Again relief that she had no idea, followed by an explanation.  This time she was the one who was horrified and mortified by the word she had used.

When my oldest was quite a bit younger I was having a talk with all the children (only 5 of them at that time) about my expectations of their behavior while out in public.  I was telling them how I wanted people to look at them and exclaim how well behaved they were and wish that they were their kids.  I did not want them to look at us and say how glad they were that they were not their children.  My daughter's response to this discussion was this:  "Well at least we always have our good looks to fall back on, Mom."  

I fear she missed my point entirely.  =)  And yes my kids are cute and they know it.  


  1. Karmen,

    Hahahahaha!!! I can't even pick a favorite--loved them all! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Glad you got a kick out of them. Kids are a great source of comedy....especially mine. =)


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