Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Little Glimpse of Heaven

I saw a little glimpse of Heaven last night in small town in Ohio called Danville. I had a taste of it last year in Columbus, but this year I got a full glimpse.

I am at a women's retreat where my friend, Karmen is the speaker.  From the moment I stepped foot in front of the women who were setting the retreat up I felt at home and that feeling hasn't stopped yet. Every woman who stepped through the door opened their arms to me and took me in as though we were long lost relatives, because honestly that is exactly what we are.  We are family, because each of us has the same Father.  These women embody that notion so very well. They are showing me what Heaven will be like; a big old family reunion with lots of hugging (Sorry if you are not a hugger, I think God will "fix" that once you walk through the Pearly Gates.*)

Karmen spoke on AWE last night and when she was done the floor was opened up for women to give examples of small or big awe moments that we had during that day.  I raised my hand and spoke right up about how the women sitting around me were my "awe moment", they were my glimpse of Heaven.
My table doodles during the night.

I need to tell you, I had not one bit of anxiety in raising my hand or speaking up.  That in itself is an "awe moment".  It is also another glimpse of Heaven.  When we are surrounded by love anxiety flees.  I didn't even hesitate to speak.  There was no tightness in my throat or numbness in my legs.  I was free to just be myself.  I was accepted and loved with no strings attached.

As I sat in this room full of women or all ages, sizes, and races I said, "Jesus, I need to find this where I live.  I need to find my community, my little slice of Heaven on this side of eternity wherever I live.  Help me find it, help me create that atmosphere for others."

*I am saying that tongue in cheek, it is totally okay if you are not a hugger, God still loves you. ;)


  1. I envy you and wish I could share the same experience. Until then I'll have to continue searching for my place of harmony in the world.

    1. I hope you find it. It is worth the search.

  2. Wow, Karmen! I'm so happy for you. God was surely working and providing a safe and loving atmosphere and also giving you courage to speak. Blessings and hugs to you!

    1. Thank you, Trudy. It was such a wonderful weekend.


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