Friday, November 7, 2014

An Invitation to Come

Here is the story I promised two days ago.  The story that came to me as I re-read my words here. It is a fictional story, but oh how it is filled with truth.  I pray that you also will come to the table that is set just for you.


I am standing among trees and grass in a manicured garden.  A gentle breeze blows past, "Come."
it whispers again.

I walk towards the breeze and see a table that has been set under the stretching arms of a willow tree. The seats around the table are many. Each place exquisitely set, yet each place setting is distinct.
As I stand there and take in its beauty  my fingertips feel the the softness of the cloth they are set upon and lightly draw across the rich velvet backs of the chairs.

There is a name card set in the center of the table that looks as though it was written by the hand of an artist.  I look closer at the name written in gold, it is my name.  The name, my name, seems to be deeper than the paper.  As I look at it, it is like looking into a window, a window with a moving golden sea behind it.

I am curious now as to the many settings, who will be joining me at this table? I look closer at the plates.  Each plate is painted with an inscription.

"For the one who feels small and weak. There is room here for you."

"For the one who feels alone and lost.  There is room here for you."

"For the one who feels the need to control.  There is room here for you."

"For the one who longs to dance.  There is room here for you."

"For the one who feels dirty.  There is room here for you."

"For the one who builds walls.  There is room here for you."

"For the one who paints.  There is room here for you."

"For the one who runs and hides.  There is room here for you."

"For the one who loves deeply.  There is room here for you."

On and on the plates went, each one claiming room for the intended occupant.

As I made my way around the table reading each one I began to wonder about this table with my name upon it. When I came back around to the first plate the table suddenly shrunk and there was only one plate left.  I looked at the plate in astonishment.

"For you.  There is room here for you." it read.

"I have invited you to My table and I want you to know that there is room here for all of you, for the all of you that makes you, you, both the good and the bad; the gentle and the harsh; the strong and the weak; the brave and the fearful."

I look up to see a man sitting across from me at the table. His voice was that of the whispering breeze that had invited me to "come".

"There is no part of you that is not invited to my table.  I have prepared it just for you,for every part of you. Let me fill the all of you that hungers and thirsts."

Jesus said to them,
 "I am the bread of life; 
he who comes to Me will not hunger,
 and he who believes in Me will never thirst.

John 6:35

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