Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Being Brave

On being brave and speaking out
There will always be people who will judge and condemn and not hear the hurt behind the bravery or who will look to add shame to the already shamed. Those people might hear the words, but they are deaf to the cries from the heart of the one being brave. Those people will always exist. They are the ones who keep people from bravery, from being able to share. But there are others too. They are the ones who desperately need to hear those heart cries of the brave, so that their own heart might be able to cry out with them and in the process both can begin to heal. And then there are those whose hearts don’t necessarily cry in the same way as the brave ones, but they need to hear those words so that they might understand and help other crying hearts heal.It is for those who cry and for those who need to understand that we should be brave; that I should be brave. Give me grace Lord to still love the ones who judge and condemn and give me the strength to not live in their condemnation.


  1. *tears*
    thank you for sharing, karmen.
    you are brave.
    you are encouraging.
    i'm so glad that you shared.
    keep writing.


  2. Yes... yes... thank you. Bravery is what I want, too. Thank you for bearing this in your heart and your words.


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