Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Furniture

Many years ago when my now 7 year old son was a baby a lady came to the church we were attending at that time and spoke to us what I can only describe as a type of prophesy or words from the Lord.  I am not exactly sure what you would call it.  I was slightly nervous going up and hearing what would be said to me.  What she told me is that God would move all the old furniture out and fill me with His new furniture. 

My how I am in need of that "new furniture".  I am shoved full with old things, things that are ratty and torn, dirty from use.  I am ready to be re-furnished, re-modeled, and re-vamped.  All I have been doing is re-arranging all the old things, trying to fix myself up, change who I am, and my how it isn't working.  It is time to find all the old things and give them up, take them to the dump, let God replace them with new things.

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  1. I love this. What a wonderful word. He is going to furnish your heart so elegantly and yet cozy and welcoming. I look forward to hearing your discoveries as He brings this to pass.


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