Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Shame Vs. God

I am doing a women's book study on Thursday's with my new church here in Washington.  It is Christine Caine's book "Unashamed".  After I finished reading the book I wanted a visual that I could look at.  As humans, but especially as women we are so susceptible to the voice of shame.  The shame voice leaves us feeling small.  It makes us want to hide ourselves, telling us that if we speak up we will be exposed.  Living in shame is living in darkness. The girl in the corner is a visual for me of what heeding the voice of shame looks like.  


  1. Shame can be so powerful, can't it, Karmen? You portray an accurate picture of what it can feel like. I love that you list God's Truth that chases away what shame tells us. God bless you! May God's Truth kick out shame!


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