Friday, February 28, 2014

We make good art.

Our church hosted a painting party last night.  It was open to anyone 14 and over, so my husband said that he wanted to go with me.  The last one I went to was women only.  Since we were both going I asked the instructor if she minded if I did something different from the class since we didn't need two of the same paintings.  She didn't mind.  Our neighbor also went with us.

The theme painting was "Starry night"  done in Van Gogh style, but not exactly the same as his. My husband did an amazing job at painting it.  Our oldest daughter is a huge Doctor Who fan and because of Doctor Who also loves Van Gogh, so my husband threw a tardis into the painting and gave it to her when we got home.

Didn't he do a great job?

My painting was nothing like theirs.  I had found some inspiration pictures online that I wanted to maybe use as my guide.  I brought my laptop in with me and some paints from home and went to town combining a couple of my inspiration photos along with my own touch.  It was a lot of fun.  I have discovered my favorite paint "brush" is a wadded up paper towel.  Seriously.  I also used my fingers and a couple of traditional brushes.  Creativity is one of those things where there aren't any rules, you just get to be.  Experiment. Be messy.  Explore.  You take what you have been given and you blend it together to get something new.  Just because you have been handed yellow and blue doesn't mean that is all you can use, so many shades of green can be made out of it.

My husband likes rules, defined boundaries.  Me not so much.  He is good at painting, but he said it is not something he could really get into.  I think there is too much freedom in it for him.  He loves to make and paint models.  I could never get into that, for the very reasons why he loves it, it is too structured for me.

He likes to look at things in a very concrete way and I like to look at things and see what is unseen, what is possible, I like to blend and swirl into something more than what it looks like on the surface.

We are a unique pairing, but we both make good art.

painting #6  "psalms 19:1" 2/27/14
In my world birds can very definitely be purple and a little bit funky.


  1. I love both these paintings, friend. And I've been meaning to tell you, let Steve know his is REALLY good! You both have talent, that's for sure...


  2. Thank you Amber, I will let him know.


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