Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Laundry

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but on this five minute Friday I think they might just be worth a thousand minutes. 

Quite possibly even 1000 pieces of laundry.

As a mom of seven I get laundry.  Like, really get it.  I get lots and lots of it. 

This immense amount of laundry in my life can sometimes seem never ending and insurmountable. 

Wash, fold, put away. 




Will I ever be able to climb Mt. Laundrosuvius??
note the crazed eyes as the oxygen levels begin lower at these higher laundry altitudes.

But ..........
at the end of the day and the piles the little laundry trolls who make all of these mountains are totally worth it.
The youngest laundry troll.  Isn't he cute?!

Five Minute Friday


  1. I can imagine how much laundry you have! I have a small family and it's enough to keep me busy. Thanks for the post and the little laundry troll is a cute touch.

  2. Giggle, I agree I think your little laundry troll is adorable! Thank you for sharing on FMF!!!


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