Thursday, November 17, 2011


Oh to be transparent. If we could all be transparent how helpful that would be. To be able to share our struggles, our failures, our strengths. To be encouraged and challenged by one another with grace and truth. Isn't that how God intended the Church to be. Yet so often church has become a place of hiding, cowering in our fear of being found out, of being judged,found un-acceptable. Who are we all but sinners? We know this and yet we give our sins only lip service. We share the ones that are deemed "normal" or "acceptable". We fear being ousted or looked down upon for being real. I may not be seen as being Christian enough if I admit to this struggle. I may be outcasted and set aside. And sadly this has been the case for many who have been transparant.

Even I in a small way have tasted the bitterness of Holier than Thou attitudes when I have dared to step past what is deemed acceptable questions and behavior. When I have dared to be the least bit transparant. It makes transparency all that much harder.

How refreshing it would be if transparency was acceptable. How many people would be saved from their sins if they could freely admit their struggles with no fear of condemnation? How many pastors would be saved from the heartache of sins being brought to light if they had been safe sharing the desires of their flesh long before they had been met out in reality?

I feel God calling me to be transparent, because without it their is darkness and in darkness shame and evil thrive. Transparency is not pretty. It is painful. It is soul wrenching. It is admitting to both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, it is being fully human. It is putting yourself on the altar of other peoples judgement. It becomes their choice then to slay you or accept you and you have to be willing to accept both.

(Wow God are you sure you want transparency from me? I am not sure I can take it.)


  1. Christ never said following Him would be a picnic and He most of all knows the struggles of this world. Plenty of scripture to back being able to transparently say "I suffer from ..... but Praise God He's bringing me through it!" I agree there's not ENOUGH transparency in the "church" at all!

  2. There is NOT enough transparency anywhere. You know me, Karmen, keep it real. Be true to who YOU are. I love you for that!

  3. I hear you! My former church encouraged transparency and yet then used my transparency against me. The painful truth is that it is only through being transparent that we can get better. You continue to be in my prayers. *hugs*

  4. So I know it has taken me two years to get back to these comments and I apologize. I often don't quite know how to respond or am in a place of mind where I just can't, but thank you for commenting. Shari, there is not enough and honestly I think we should be able to say "I am really struggling and I am not sure where God is in it." I know God can handle that, we should be able to as well. I am not asking for people to accept everything but grace and compassion go a long way. I know of a pastor who came out and said that he struggled with pornography and instead of stoning him the church came and said that they still loved him and would help him through it. I don't think he was kept as a pastor, but he wasn't shamed and booted out. Love and grace without being anything goes. That is what we as a church need, that is what the world needs to see. I have a lot of respect for that church and pastor.


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